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What is the power
of network marketing?

The format of a business that is capable of generating good income in a short period of time is network marketing. It is most effective and convenient for each partner and for the company as a whole. And the main attraction of network marketing is that it provides absolute freedom of action, the ability to travel constantly and not be limited to a fixed income. This is a real chance to stay in good shape even in retirement, because there are no age restrictions.

This is a business that can be easily transformed into a “family” business, inviting your loved ones to a personal structure and creating a reliable rear. This is something that can be inherited to your children and something to be proud of.

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UNI FORES for the health of the whole family

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Our products improve male and female health, enhance immunity and help against many chronic diseases.
The ancient methods of traditional medicine are time-tested, so they are among the most effective and efficient.
One remedy has a wide range of uses and can help solve many health problems.
All of our products are based on the highest quality organic ingredients and bring maximum benefits.

Your options with UNI FORES

Earn decent money, manage your own income and multiply it, allow yourself to live a happy and prosperous life.
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Traveling around the world
The remote control feature allows you not to get attached to the place and travel a lot. Explore the world and enjoy life!
TOP Leader Position
Develop, increase the rank in the structure, achieve a status position and be a leader, followed by a strong team of successful people.
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You have long dreamed of building a house, or buying a car - all this is not a luxury, but absolutely real goals that you will achieve in the first year!
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Customer and partner reviews
Talant 37 y.o, Almaty

For a year now, it has been suffering from radiculitis. In the mornings it’s hard to get out of bed, your back hurts. Used Uni Clips - and after 15 minutes the pain was gone. It became much easier to move around. I was shocked. As much as possible through the ears, simply by clicking on the desired point, get rid of back pain! This is an amazing product, I highly recommend it to everyone!

Rymjan 48 y.o, Karaganda

I use Uni Balm. Today I was visiting my sister and she complained of back pain. I offered her our balm (I just had a probe), applied it to my back. Within an hour, she felt lightness, the pain completely disappeared. My sister was simply amazed at such a quick and effective result!

Gulnur, Alamaty

I have a migraine, which often complicates my life, because on the days when I wake up with a headache, I need peace and quiet, and I need to take potent drugs. Once I asked mrs Lazzat UNI CLIPS. Very little time has passed since the moment when I put them, and there was no headache! I constantly drink dietary supplements, but such a result was not from any product. I did not think that external use will give such a fantastic effect. I spent the whole day in business, while I was in a good mood and felt good. I thank those who came up with this treatment, who brought it, delivered this product to us, helped me stick on the dots. Friends, I am very happy!

Rymjan, Karaganda

Familiar with the company from 08.12.2019. Invited me to the company of mrs Mira. Mira Kanybekovna is a positive person with a “baggage” of positive qualities - among which are organization, clarity and an instant understanding of the situation. She can lead a team, let a person believe in themselves and their goals. Thank you invitation to the most powerful company UNI FORES!

Our strongest, most powerful partners of UNI FORES, let this month bring you fulfillment of desires and cherished qualifications. Go ahead and you will succeed!

Dear ones, carry positive in yourself, share the best, be useful to yourself and the world, do good and believe in it, support all who are near. The universe always returns good several times more. I look forward to all in Karaganda!