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About us

About us

Uni Fores is a team of professionals in the field of business and health, which helps to start your own business with MINIMUM risks according to a ready-made strategy.

Our successful experience and revolutionary traditional medicine products have helped thousands of men and women build their businesses from scratch and earn the first million. Becoming a partner of the company, you automatically get financial freedom, the ability to manage your time and live anywhere in the World. After all, you can manage your business completely in a remote format.

Your life will never be the same again, and you will no longer have to consider how much you spent, or live on a salary. We have created an empire of rich people. Do not waste your time and start earning your first million with us!

Do what others don’t want today.
Tomorrow you will have what others do not have.

Lyazzat Chaygaraeva
founder of Uni Fores

Mission and goals,
which we proud of

Our fundamental idea is to help improve the financial and physical health of the whole nation. Indeed, the deep tandem of these two components is bearing fruit in all areas of life: career success, financial freedom, strong family relationships without quarrels, longevity and spiritual harmony. We teamed up with the best people and helped us reach a new standard of living.

We give real tools and strategies with which you will start your own business tomorrow. And you no longer need to depend! We are for financial and mental freedom. Manage your money and time.

My wife and I have been doing business in the field of network marketing for more than 20 years. At the very beginning of our journey, being young and not experienced, we sincerely dreamed of helping people, opening kindergartens and earning our first million. With burning eyes and great desire, my wife and I developed our company and built an empire of successful people.

Now we live a “dream life”, invest in a profitable business, have real estate and great opportunities. Our dreams came true, and we managed to earn our first million (and not first) and gather an incredible number of rich people around us. And Lyazzat fulfilled her old dream and opened several kindergartens, in one of which almost 500 children are studying.

Now that we have experience and knowledge in business, we are happy to pass it on to young and ambitious individuals who dream of making big money and building their own business.

What is the key to our success? The formula is very simple: a quality product for health + a competent marketing plan. It was these 2 key units that Lazzat introduced into Uni Fores to make the company one of the TOP market leaders. This is her first company of her own, and I am very happy about that!

We understand that the main difficulties people face in life are health and financial problems. That is what became the basic mission of UNI FORES - to help people become healthier and richer.

We already have a community of successful businessmen from different parts of the World: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Dubai, America, Mongolia and Russia, and we are very glad to each new partner! After all, only together we can reach really great heights and create a society of progressive people.

When there is such a strong team, everything is possible! We are building an empire, and you can become its key link.

Company founders
Kairat Raev and Lyazzat Chaygaraeva

We in numbers

1 300+


27 800+

Satisfied customers

5 250$

Partner revenue
one month after registration

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